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Currently, State Bank of India (Canada) does not offer online account opening facility for individuals living in the province of Quebec

Account Opening Requirements

If you require State Bank of India (Canada) to open a personal account in a non face to face environment (i.e. when you do not come in person to the Bank for account opening), the bank will use the following methods for your identification

1. 'Cleared Cheque' method and 'Identification' method


2. 'Cleared Cheque' method and 'Attestation' method

(1) Cleared cheque method -- You will have to deposit with State Bank of India (Canada) a cheque drawn on your retail deposit account maintained at another Canadian financial entity. The cheque should have your pre-printed name and address. State Bank of India(Canada) will clear this cheque and deposit the proceeds in your newly opened retail deposit account.
In case of a Joint account, the cheque should be drawn on your existing Canadian Financial entity’s joint account, made payable to both names with both signatures(principal applicant and joint applicant) appearing on the cheque.


The Joint accounts holders (i.e. the principal applicant and joint applicant) will deposit separate cheques drawn on their individual existing Canadian Financial entity’s account made payable to their single name with their signature appearing on the cheque.
(2) Identification Product Method -- State Bank of India (Canada), by referring to an independent and reliable identification product that is based on personal information in respect of the person and a Canadian credit history of the person of at least six month's duration, will obtain a report containing only certain details, such as address, phone number, and duration of credit history from the credit bureau.

(3) Attestation Method -- This method of ascertaining a person’s identity consists of obtaining an attestation from a commissioner of oaths in Canada, or a guarantor in Canada, that they have seen one of the following documents: person's birth certificate, driver's license, provincial health insurance card (if not prohibited by applicable provincial law), passport or other similar document.
You will consent to State Bank of India (Canada) using the 'Cleared Cheque' method along with 'Identification Product' method or 'Attestation' method for your identification.

Please tick here as a mark of your acknowledgement and acceptance of the account opening requirements. Please note that ticking the box will be equivalent to your concurrence for confirming your identity using a third party credit bureau and will have the same force as a handwritten signature.


You will need the following information to complete the Application:
  • A Canadian residential address.
  • An e-mail address.
  • A Social Insurance Number for each applicant if applying for a Saving account.

Did You Know?

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Principal Applicant Declaration

State Bank of India (Canada) online account opening requires an authentication process using a third party credit bureau to confirm your identity. We require your personal information to open your account. The personal information as disclosed by you will be compared with a report provided by the third party credit bureau for confirming your identity.

To proceed further, please tick here as a mark of your acknowledgement and acceptance of the above condition. Please note that ticking the box will be equivalent to your concurrence for confirmation of the information provided by you and will have the same force as a handwritten signature.

To apply for a Non Face to Face account with State Bank of India (Canada), you need to declare the following:

Please note that you have to satisfy all the above requirements. If you do not satisfy all the requirements as listed above, State Bank of India (Canada) cannot open an online account for you and you will have to visit a Branch in-person along with 2 pieces of identification documents for your account opening needs.

Basic Information

* Are you a Canadian resident (Y/N)?          
* Which Province do you live in?
* What is your Date of Birth?      MM-DD-YYYY
* Are you a US person?